My life before bariatric surgery

I would like to let you know a little about my life before my surgery. I was raised in a small town, Nyssa, Oregon and bother of my parents worked and I also had a younger sister. My parents were both raised in the same small town and my grandparents settled or same to this area from the Netherlands.

Growing up in this small town, as most overweight people have probably come across, I was harassed about being overweight all of my life. I know that my eating habits was a result of some of my weight issues and also being less active. I even had at one time thought that if I would start smoking cigarettes to see if I could keep my mind busy with the cigarette then I wouldn’t have to worry about putting food in my mouth. Boy was that the wrong thing to do.

I had done all kinds of weight loss programs and tried on my best to losing weight on my own. I even had doctors prescribe weight loss medication, with negative results.


I tried every exercise that was possible for an overweight person to do. It was so hard on the joins of my knees, hips and ankles that after a while I had to even end up with knee replacements and I have one ankle that has been damaged and can not be fixed even with surgery. Low impact exercises is good, even better is water aerobics, but not everyone has access to a swimming pool 24/7. I did us a recumbent bike and a treadmill, but sometimes it wasn’t the same as going to a gym and doing the workout. You have to be dedicated to your exercise routine. I felt that when I had to pay for the use of the gym I needed to go and use the equipment. But when I had the equipment at home it wasn’t that necessary like going to the gym.


Wow, what a topic…. there are so many diets to try that you think something has to work for you. So like me I’m sure you have tried each one, if not all of them. The only one that worked for me was having to measure my food and make sure that I was only taking in what I needed and not over eat. It is very hard not to over eat when you only think of how good the food you’re eating taste. Measuring food is not fun and does run into issues when you have family that you are cooking for and dealing with.


After doing several years of research and failing to find what I was looking for, a friend came up to me and told me about the gastric bypass. She said that she had it done about a year prior and she was looking great. There was no complications and was feeling good. There was lost a lot of weight. It changed her life.

So I thought, what the heck am I waiting for. I have tried everything I could find and afford, had nothing to lose but weight. I made an appointment and went to a seminar that the doctor puts on before the patient has a consultation with the patient. After that seminar I setup and appointment and had my consultation with the doctor.

I was a good candidate to have the surgery, but I had to lose at least 20 pounds on my own within a months time. Oh boy here I go again with trying to lose weight… It was hard but I was able to do it. I never thought I was going to be able to have this surgery because I could never lose with on my own.

Doctor told me to go and preregister for surgery. Once I was at the preregistration, a nurse came in and told me that my doctor wanted to admit my today as they were concern that I would not make it through the surgery with the amount of water weight I had. It was nearly congestive heart decease. I was suffocating myself with the weight and water that my body was retaining and building up around my heart.

So I spent just a little over a week in the hospital and was released to return in a week to have my surgery done.

Self Esteem

I know that before I had my surgery I had very little self-esteem and if I had any it was not about myself. I really hated myself for what I did to my body and life. I had been at a very low point in life where I didn’t care if I lived or died. I only think that someone had a better role for me in life than what I thought I had. If it wasn’t for my friends, family, doctors, and the Lord, I don’t think I would have lived much longer. They all helped me though this.

After the procedure and during recovery, my self-esteem was rising each day. I could feel it inside and see it with my own eyes. It is something I keep in the back of my mind to remind me that I have a role in someone else plans and I need to keep play that role until the play is finished.


In conclusion I went to the hospital and checked in. They follow day the surgery was done. After waking up from the surgery, they had me up and walking. The only thing that bothered me was that I was parched and wanted to drink some water. I was only allowed a small sponge with water to I the lips and inside of my mouth. Not allowed to swallow, as they didn’t want anything going into my stomach yet. They wanted to make sure that they staple would heal before allowing any fluids into my new stomach. After a few days of learning I was able to get fluids in and make sure that nothing was leaking or causing any issues. By the time I was able to leave the hospital I was able to hold down about 2 oz of fluids. (That’s not very much). As time went on I found that I could hold a little more each time and now I’m able to eat anything I want, but I do watch some things. Certain types of foods will make me have digestive issues with gas and intake of sugary foods. By the time I was done I lost a total of 125 lbs and now I work on the rest of the weight and see if I finish getting the weight off and maintain it. Sitting around and not doing anything is not good for the health physically or mentally.